Future Paint 3D

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Future Paint 3d

An advanced tool for skinning 3d models for real time 3d applications. It allows you to unwrap and paint your 3d models.

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An advanced 3d painting program which utilises the power of modern 3d graphics cards, so that the lighting etc is applied as you paint. There is no waiting for rendering, it is all done in real time. This includes 2 advanced features to make painting easier and simpler :-
  • The seamless edge brush, which allows you to painting seamlessly over the inner boundaries of submeshes
  • Stenciling, which helps stop the paint overspilling and painting bits of the model you didnt mean to.

Edge Brush........... Stenciling
So you can paint and see colour, transparency, shine, specular, height and glow channels all in one stroke.
(Note the height can be used to bake a normal map, which is good for tiles and armour etc. E.g.)

It has built into it all the tools you will need to prepare your model for painting (uv unwrapper etc). Including a quick and simple option if you just want to get painting in a hurry.


  • Multiple Layers (and layer masks).
  • Multiple Channels.
  • See lit material as you paint.
  • Paint in 2d or 3d.
  • Stenciling and over edge brush for easier painting.
  • Ability to paint over edge in 2d view.
  • UV editing tools.
  • Advanced selection tools.
  • Quick and simple option to do everything to get a model ready for painting.
Its allows you to apply complex materials in a single stroke e.g..

Carry on painting (or use a bigger brush) and you can fill in whole sections easily with a material (Particlarly with stenciling enabled to avoid unwanted spillage) :-

It utilises the power of 3d graphics cards so that the lighting etc is applied as you paint, so the rendering is all done in real time. This includes the over edges brushes and stenciling.

It also includes a world leading over edge brush and stenciling, which will paint over seams seamlessly and help avoid paint spillages. It even allows you to paint over a seam on the 2d image if desired. For pictures of the stenciling and edge brush in action see here :- Seamless Edges And Stenciling