Future Paint 3D

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Download Future Paint 3d Pro >>> here <<<. This is a fully functional 30 day evaluation trial version. To get a fully activated version you need to purchase a licensed version from here. Please try before you buy to ensure suitability / compatability.

Note you NEED a graphics card that supports PIXEL SHADER 2.0 for this program to run. For nvidia that means 5200 and above for ati that means 9600 and above.For x series x300 and above.

Min Spec :- Windows XP,1.5GHZ Processor,512 Mb of memory, 200mb free hard disk, graphics card that supports Pixel Shader 2.0. Directx 9.0c

To paint on a model load it up with File->Import3d, then if it needs texturing or unwrapping choose Menu Item "Prepare model for painting"->"Prepare model for painting"

Note if you are having problems getting it to run, and have a pixel shader 2.0 graphics card,then make sure you have directx 9.0c installed, and the latest WHQL certified version of your graphics card driver,from your graphics card makers web site.

If you know youve got a directx 9.0c installed and the latest WHQL certified drivers and are running windows xp then check out the support page.