Future Paint 3D

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General Description.

Future Paint 3d is a tool for painting 3d models you have made in a different package. It contains everything you need to prepare the model for painting, including uv unwrapping tools. It allows you to paint lighting information like specular and shine as well as colour with a single stroke (or paint pre made materials).

Pro Features Not found in standard version

Multiple layers with 4 layer blend modes (Normal, overlay,dodge,burn), with variable blending percent.

Stenciling and advanced paint over the edge brush for easier painting

Ability to paint over edge in 2d view.

Layer masks.

Alpha channel paint only mode. Allows you to paint on the alpha channel of a layer without affecting the colour channel at all.

Mirror clone feature, to reverse clone source direction.

Standard Features

Pixel Shader Based Multi Layered Painting Engine. (Paint on multiple layers with real time layer blending like photoshop)

Supports .obj, 3ds and milkshape 3d file formats.

Layer masks.

  • Multiple Layers (and layer masks).
  • Multiple Channels (Colour specular, shine, glow, opacity, height) +normal map (tangent space).
  • See lit material as you paint.
  • Paint in 2d or 3d.
  • UV editing tools.
  • Advanced selection tools.
  • Quick and simple option to do everything to get a model ready for painting.

4 layer blend modes (Normal, overlay,dodge,burn), with variable blending percent.

Layer masks.

Multiple Undo /Redo.

Range of painting tools; paint, pipette, erasor, smudge, dodge, burn. (Including advanced highlight/ midtone/shadow dodge burn modes.)

Rotatable, scaleable clone source/ Pattern.

Pattern lock for when you get the pattern alignment you want.

Point or bilinear texture / material sampling modes.(sharp vs smooth.)

Open pictures list, to see the pictures you have open for editing, and make main window less cluttered.

oblong texture painting support.

Pen tablet support, with 4 pen pressure modes.

Greyscale and brightness, contrast, gamma image layer editing.

Layer effects like pinch, emboss etc.

Window auto scrolling support.

Image browse Dialog to make it easier to find pictures.

Rotatable clone / Pattern feature, to rotate the clone source or current pattern.